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Our Crew

Aloha! Welcome to Dolphin Excursions

Victor Lozano: Founder, Owner and an all around good guy.

For the past twenty-eight years, I have had the pleasure of guiding guests from all over the world throughout the Hawaiian Islands. I invite you to a well-kept secret: the west coast of Oahu, where you will be treated to a wildlife adventure like no other.

For the past eighteen years, my passion has been with the dolphins and other marine life that frequent this remote and beautiful coastline where often times we are the only boat witnessing the aerial behaviors of the spinner dolphins and humpback whales. I truly love these waters and their inhabitants and look forward to sharing this treasure with you!

Lisa from Dolphin Excursions

Lisa: Operations Manager and Marine Biologist

I would like to introduce you to some of the people who have helped make this dream a reality, and who I regard as some of the most experienced and knowledgeable naturalists on the island.

Here are the good guys n’ gals that have been with Dolphin Excursions for some time now.  Our current crew are Mandi, Emanuelle, Yuji, Justin, Melissa, Veronica, Taylor, Alyssa, Stephanie, Shelby, Cole, Lucia and Victoria.  They can tell you everything you ever needed to know about the dolphins and whales. They can also come to your aid with water to keep you hydrated or pull you from the water if needed. Like a true super crew, they assist with every part of our business – from driving the shuttle vans to checking in guests. I know you’ll love them.

Jenna: Senior Captain and Marine Biologist

Jenna: Senior Captain and Marine Biologist

We have four captains on staff that have had many years of experience maneuvering Oahu’s remote West side Coastline.  Jenna is our Senior Captain.  Jenna has been working with us for fourteen years, beginning as crew and stepped it up as senior captain for the past nine.  She has also crewed a vessel throughout the Atlantic and really knows her way around a boat…and a good joke.  Captain KK, Captain Alexa “Lex” and Captain Tamar are here to give her a break.  Captain KK has been with us since the beginning and when not on our vessel, runs the Ocean Safety team on the West Coast.  Captain Alexa has been with us for seven years and Captain Tamar nine, starting out as crew and making their way to the drivers seat.

Kelly: Captain and Naturalist

KK: Captain and Naturalist

Our company also consists of four photographers;  Paul, Alexa and Cam are there to snap shots of your excursion.  The photo package is optional, but if you are interested just let them know.  They are there to preserve the moments for you so you do not need to spend the day looking through a view finder.  You may bring your own cameras of course, but if you want to leave them behind our photographers got you covered.

Our reservation staff is lead by Operation Manager, Lisa who runs things when I am not looking.  Lisa has been with us for fourteen years and started as crew along with Captain Jenna many suns ago.  Lisa is assisted by Mandi and Chelsie.  They are ready to assist you when you call with questions or concerns about our tour.  When you are ready to book, they will get you all set up to join us.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about our crew. After sharing an unforgettable Dolphin Excursion, I’m sure you will appreciate them almost as much as I do!


Victor Lozano
Owner and Captain