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Film Production

Dolphin Excursions Motion Picture Division

Dolphin Excursions Motion Picture Division has been involved with productions in Hawaii for the past 20 years. We offer marine coordination for Hawaiian waters with access to the largest selection of marine equipment in the State. We’ll keep your production safe and on budget. Film permits for filming on the water in Hawaii requires consideration for the community, culture and weather conditions. Our team can help streamline this process. From our first meeting, we will be able to discuss budgets, permit requirements, water safety, and equipment, vessel contracting/insurance, and scouting. Our library of picture vessels can help pinpoint what you may be looking for in a timely manner.

TV and Motion Picture Credits include: Hawaii 5-0, Last Resort, The Descendants, Lost, Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Run Down, The Reef, Baywatch, Godzilla, and many more.

Commercial Credits include: Lexus, Sony, Ameratex, US Navy Seal Recurring, United Health Care, Aulani Disney Hotel, and many more.

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For more information, contact Victor Lozano at 808-551-3044 or

Camera & Lighting

Camera and lighting vessels are available in small and large industrial types.

Rigid Inflatable Boats

We have rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), which make safe boat-to-boat shuttles and camera boats.


Using Technocranes out at sea can be tricky but not impossible with Libra and Scorpion Heads. Each situation needs to be looked at carefully.


Filming wildlife takes time and some luck. Hawaii does offer great opportunities because of its diverse amount of wildlife in the ocean and clear waters.


Docks are available in a variety of sizes which can be used as filming platforms and for set decorating.

Water Safety

Water Safety is essential. Our team is made up of Hawaiian Water Patrol Members holding certifications in Risk Management, CPR, First Aid, and Advanced Life Saving. Our reputation is highly regarded in the film industry as a whole. We also have Licensed USCG Captains, Dive Instructors, and Sailing Instructors.

Underwater Filming

Underwater Filming can be expensive and dangerous. Our team has been involved in over 90% of all underwater filming in Hawaii for the past 20 years with 0 incidents. A commitment to safety is the reason we have such a record. We can supply your production company with all the rental gear you’ll need as well as lessons for your actors. Tech gear is also available, i.e, dry suits, re-breathers, underwater scooters, and underwater comms.

Creating Storms, Rapids, and Sets

We’ve created storms, rapids, and sets. Working together with your Set Designer, Construction Department, and SFX Team we can help you get the look you’re looking for.