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We are open… again!

a large body of water

Need to socially distance from social distancing?  We got a place for you.  I mean, we practice social distancing on the boat of course, but once you cannon ball into the water and take a peek below… pure liberation.  So come on out before we get busy again.  For a limited time you can even privately charter our boat for only $850.00.  Normally it costs $2,500.00 so please, for the love of Pete, take advantage and bring out your peeps.  Sunshine and sea critters, a dose of normalcy in nature is a blessed thing.

Stay safe and healthy, we hope to see you all soon.  🙂 Lisa.

Photo was taken by Mr. Roy Estorpe who caught this drone shot while out with us in August.  We have strict rules about using drones on our vessel, so give us a call if you have questions about it.

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