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Afternoon Snorkel Safari now open per phone request!

MAKE SURE TO TURN THE VOLUME UP SO YOU CAN HEAR THEM CLICK AND SQEAK.  Oh wow, what a day.  This video was taken by Captain Jenna and her Go Pro from the side of the boat.  This was a privately chartered 2 pm Afternoon Snorkel Safari tour… we still find them at this later time, we just do not go in and snorkel where they are to allow them their rest.  We will however jump in with the sea turtles and fish, yes m’am.  To reserve this later time, give us a call because the booking calendar online has not been set up yet (at the time of this posting).  BUT you can certainly book with me over the phone 808-239-5579.   Mahalo!!!!  Remember to adventure safely, friendly and respectfully.  🙂 Lisa

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