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Crew Blog

Archive: Apr 2021

Pilot Whales!

Aloha! Yesterday we had a mellow pod of Pilot Whales on our tour. Very tranquil and beautiful. Captain Jenna took this video from the side of boat, dipping the Go Pro… our usual move. The boat was in deep waters off of Makua on the Waianae Coast of Oahu. Remember to always adventure safely, friendly…

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April 17, 2021

Whale Shark!

Mahalo crew member and marine biologist, Veronica for taking this video and allowing me to share it with the world… or at least our website visitors. Veronica (pictured below on the left) took this footage of the Whale Shark on our early morning tour yesterday.  You just never know what we are going to run…

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April 11, 2021

Afternoon Snorkel Safari now open per phone request!

MAKE SURE TO TURN THE VOLUME UP SO YOU CAN HEAR THEM CLICK AND SQEAK.  Oh wow, what a day.  This video was taken by Captain Jenna and her Go Pro from the side of the boat.  This was a privately chartered 2 pm Afternoon Snorkel Safari tour… we still find them at this later…

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April 10, 2021